Bottled Water 15L

We package our spring water in 15L bottles.

BPA Free bottles are also available, at no extra cost to you.
15L bottles are only $11.50 each.


We have a range of home and office coolers to suit everyone's needs. Freestanding upright coolers for large spaces and Benchtop coolers for smaller spaces. Our coolers come in cold/room temperature OR cold/hot. Our hot option is great for people who would like to make coffee, tea, soup and noodles. 
Renting annually from $79 or can be purchased outright. Contact us for more info.

Ceramic Wells

Ceramic Wells can be purchased as a great option for those who like their water at room temperature. They come in a range of designs, depending on what is currently available. They are $39 purchased outright. Ceramic Bases are also available at an extra cost if desired.

Bottle Racks

We understand that not everyone has room to store their water bottles in their homes and offices so we have strong metal racks available. These can be purchased and hold up to six bottles at a time.